Fatma Nasujo…

Financial services professional with 15+ years of working in different industries - including FinTech, EdTech & banking. My expertise is in Operations, Finance and Tech, and I’m passionate about building sustainable businesses and empowering people.

Things I've done…

I have an unusual background with two degrees in technology but working primarily in operations. It excites me to build businesses, helping them scale, solve problems and achieve efficiency. The tech background comes in handy when I’m building systems and automating processes.

If you had to put me in a box, you’d probably call me a generalist. I’ve worked in multiple industries, in different capacities covering Operations, Retail Services, Business Development, Talent Management, Finance and Administration. Over the years, I have developed and executed operational strategies, created and automated company-wide processes, and played a key role in a management buyout and a company restructure.

Interested in…

…Financial literacy, financial inclusion, financial health, digital finance and leadership. I am always reading and then writing about these topics on this blog. I’m really passionate about this industry.

…Learning about new cultures which I do by travelling and reading. A good book transports you anywhere in the world and gives you knowledge while trips allow you to immerse yourself in a culture. Today’s world calls for diversity, tolerance and collaboration.