Series Notes

It is the month of love, and what better topic than how we handle money and the people we love? We have financial relationships with and expectations from the ones we love, whether we are blood relatives, spouses, romantic interests, or friends. On its own, money is a sensitive topic. Adding emotions to it makes it explosive. Money can cause disputes in any relationship – from insufficient money and misuse of resources to determining the power balance in relationships. A friend and I had a heated debate about money being a source of discord in a relationship. He’s a firm believer that control is the problem in relationships while money is only a symptom. Based on this experience, I decided to make this series about the target audience’s beliefs and practices instead of my opinions. Besides getting new first-time contributors, Teresa and Shamsa, I went out to listen to your stories. In planned sessions, interviews, and random conversations on these Kenyan streets (virtual and otherwise), I have spent the last two months having discussions on handling love and money. It has been an education, and I’m excited to share your stories and answer some of your questions. We’ve captured a diverse range of topics, and we’ll post series extras to keep the conversation going as this is such a wide area. Please subscribe for updates. Cece is back tackling the love and money mindset. Teresa, an insurance professional, has some tips on selecting the right medical cover for your loved ones. Shamsa, a lawyer, is talking about prenups. As you consider getting a prenup, perhaps you should start by calculating your net worth. The net worth article tells you how to do that. The first article telling your stories is dating and money. Other articles in the series are next of kin, questions to ask before you say I do, probate and administration and matrimonial property. Thank you to all the participants who have made this issue possible. It is a tribute to the unique way we do things. As always, I look forward to hearing from you -WhatsApp, email or in-person. Do subscribe to enjoy our subscriber-only content and get updates on new posts. Love and light, Fatma